Projected Advertising Revenue Calculator

This calculator helps you estimate the value of appearing in the monthly GR8TR Today Magazine Topical Sponsorship program seen by over 20K local, targeted people every month. The numbers are based on your expertise and results will vary. We do not guarantee any financial outcomes.

 Please Use Conservative Estimates
Lifetime Value of a Customer (Average)
% Chance of Customer Referral Per New Customer   10%
Minimum Targeted Views 20,000 +
% of Local, Targeted People Interested In Your Topic
% Who Want More Info (Contact or Site Visit)   5%
% Close Rate of Interested Leads You Get   25%
Estimated Cost per Month For Category Sponsorship $299

Estimated Lifetime Revenue For 1 Month of Sponsorship (After Program Cost)
$ 0

Estimated Lifetime Revenue For 12 Months of Sponsorship (After Program Cost)
$ 0

Important: We do not save this information. You may contact us or generate a PDF report you can save below.